The purpose of art is to lay bare the questions that have been concealed by the answers.

James Baldwin

Who Are We?

We are intelligent designers and concerned citizens; instigators of higher intelligence. An art-science based spiritual society focused on increasing awareness of the universal laws and primary systems that shape our reality.

What we do?

We do business with both sides of our brain. Our organization takes a holistic approach to everyday mental hygene through the practice and observation of art, mindfulness and creative thinking. Depending on your design goals, our creative services and educational tools offer you the edge you need to produce effective, high impact results.

Make your mark.

If you feel like this is the time and your moment to make meaningful change in the world, then please contact us with your interests. We are happy to be of assistance to anyone who wants to bring forth more beauty for the benefit of all.


Without distinction there can be no art.

Maya Ife'

Can you imagine...

a different future?

A beautiful new reality is as close as your next thought. Welcome to the Age of Wisdom.
Discriminating Wisdom Book

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