Conscious Kids Art Project

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social-emotional skill focused art classes Conscious Kids

This program joins Art and Science together to encourage creative mindfulness in our students. We use the challenges presented during the art process to teach critical problem-solving skills and help kids learn to manage stress. Kids get technical art skills, sharper thinking, social skill and increased emotional intelligence.

art, science & culture 3 Components of Intelligence


Our approach uses the Elements & Principles of Art as well as the Scientific Method to provide a firm foundation for clear and balanced minds to grow. Culture is explored through sharing our diverse backgrounds and ways of life. Conscious Kids are encouraged to see life as a circle and everyone in it as an important part of the human family.

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Our Main Objectives

  • To create works of art that represent and trigger awareness of our personal place of peace within.
  • Encourage students to accept that transforming feelings/thoughts is a natural process of life and to feel empowered to bring forth the beauty in any given situation.
  • Teach students to let go and let creativity flow, helping them to deal with self-criticism and perfectionism.

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